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Isn’t it that this world we’re living is just like of those massive multiplayer online role playing games, where we are set to build our characters, interact with other people which is theother player and set as God is our Game Master?

Isn’t that our world is a binary one, where we are to choose from yes or no, truth or lies and good or bad (evil)?

Isn’t that the happenings in this world were just a tendency of two possibilities, the inverse of each & so forth?

Isn’t that everything we do is the every variable to the function of our life set as God is the constant having its limits where we are bounded to?

As Galileo said, God is the greatest mathematician of this whole universe isn’t that God know everything precisely and accurately?

Isn’t that God already created a flow chart for us on whatever our choices will be on?

Isn’t he already had his algorithms regarding for those whose against his will including his methods of sorting for those bad from good?

Isn’t the virus were those misbehaving individual that affecting and influencing others? Reproducing wrong discipline? Destroying the balance of our system and doing illegal actions?

Isn’t that someday when this world had gone worst he will reformat this unto a new one saving those good ones which are on his memory leaving those left into oblivion and dump them out?

Isn’t that we are just object, that are manipulated according to his will even though sometimes it’s unfair for us which we do not notice that it is for our own betterment?

Isn’t that we are God’s class where we inherit other classes from him and also have private classes within us and from others?

Isn’t that we are bound to increment and decrement? Like our energy? Our knowledge? Our age? Our memory?

Isn’t that we have protocols, standard in order to communicate in other individuals? We have our language, laws, obligations and rights? Were born networked?

Isn’t that this world is about logic and operations like if you want to add, deduct, multiply, and divide?

Isn’t that God known what’s probable and the statistician of everything including our permutation and deviation?

Isn’t that this world is complex like numbers which is that computed, there is this real, rational, irrational, imaginary same way like persons?

Isn’t there is this escape key in this life that other thought of, called suicide?

Isn’tthat its not always what’s good for you is good for others just like your an array, your element is not like others, you may have just only intersection but seldom almost the same?

Isn’t that were living in a conditional world where FOR our choices we DO have the responsibility…WHILE were living we DO treasure each moment passed…IF there’s an opportunity we must grab IF ELSE we may have regrets?

Isn’t that were living in a world that we are creating & imaging?

Isn’t that every happenings is triggered by something which is also triggered, driven by events?

Isn’t that everything in this world is interrelated and affecting each other as what they are made of for?

Isn’t that we are already created with bugs and prone to error its just that we should not let that bug stay on us therefore we change and change to we think a good one but sometimes were still wrong?

Isn’t for every gain there’s lost and for every lost there’s a gain which is matching to the fact that gain is equal to lost only proving that we are created changing which causes huge evolutions on different transitions in time?

Isn’t this world is a WYSIWYG environment?

Isn’t that we are created not intended to be wrong & to fail that it’s just the consequence of being good and right?

Isn’t that we need to be wrong or to see one to be right? Fail to gain success?

Want m0re? Just read on this bl0G….


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