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If your asking if God exist, I tell you, “Yes”, cause you’re a God (that a God (you, other) has created) its just the fact that your thinking “Godly” that you think yours is better or worse than other that sometimes opposes or agree with other “Godly” thinking individuals too.
You’re a God of yourself isn’t it?

And if you’re thinking that a God is up there (here or somewhere) that has writing and a commandment, your putting out your “Mental God” charge from yourself, making that “God” in charge of you.

Your acting in accordance with God (yourself, others), isn’t it?

Let’s say even if it’s still not you, who’s the one performing?
He does?
Them do?
Us do?
There are no us! It’s just “us” when performing task if I need, you need, or if we agreed rather.
It is still you! You, yourself!

I can’t blame you, I’m a God and you’re also a God, which makes us oppose, agree or just void with other God. It’s our choice, Godly dude!

And if your pertaining that there’s a God beyond us my friend God, He want us under him same as how you and our other friend God do and wants and it’s still your choice!

Feel me with this my Godly friends, Godly ones?


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