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Just want to share one of my great influences that coincides with my beliefs,..

To name one of them is Serj Tankian, known to us as a vocalist of the famous System of a Down band, comprises by Daron Malakian(Lead, vocals), Shavo Odadjian(Bass) and John Dolmayan(Drums).

Yes, SOAD is also my influence, their songs were great. Familiar with the song “Chopsuey” and “Toxicity”?
Have you listen on what those songs wants to imply?
Have you listened to the other tracks of them? (Suggestions, Questions, Hypnotize, Holy Mountains, I-E-A-I-E-I-O, Sugar, BYOB, Visinity of Obscenity, Psycho, Science, Spiders, and Aerials,..etc ) I hope your not just after the nice riffs of them. Songs of them had awaken many slumbing consci0usness about this world. They are not just that explosive, noisy, shouting, kooky, hard sounding band you think of. These guys have promoted great means beyond their head bangi’n songs. Even though their “gone” their presence still live with their songs and means.
As for their hiatus, they still even rocks separately.

Are you aware of “Scars on Broadway”? Yes, this band is composed of two beings from SOAD(Daron and John).
Know what, i would like them to play here in the Philippines, playing the song, “They Say” on the Malacañang Palace in front of Pres.Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. (“Bagay na bagay sa sitwasyon natin ngayon!!”)

I want you to try your ears on their songs like World Long Gone, Babylon, 3005, Kill Each Other Live Forever, Insane, etc.. This bands also rocks same as where they came from.

Back to Serj Tankian, as for being separate now from he’s previous band. He’s also making waves as for being individual artist. I like the way he speaks publicly against violence and injustice in the world. I love those line which is from him, Civilization is Over, Elect the Dead!, We are the cause of the world that’s gone wrong.

Excerpts from Serj Tankian’s poem:
Our pain bodies everywhere
Everywhere where we dont stare.
Spare us all your dubious care.
Pretending that you’re being fair.
Pretending that we see does not give us a sight.
Pretending that we live that does not make us alive.
War that no one won!

Another good song to listen from him is Empty Walls,
(Sa mga naboto, sa mga pulitiko, sa mga walang alam, sa mga nagbebrainwash, sa mga inusente)

Excerpts from Empty Walls:

Your empty walls
Prententious attention
Dismissive apprehension
Dont waste your time
on coffins today
when we decline
from the confines of our mind

Dont you see their bodies burning.
Desolate and full of yearning
Dying of anticipation.
Choking from intoxication.

I want you to be left behind those empty walls.
I taught you to see from behind those empty walls.

Same with the song, Sky is Over, Elect the Dead, etc. Serj opened up many slumbering minds. So much to tell about him.

Thats all,.

got influences too and mind sharing?..


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