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Given the fact that we are working under our brain’s command and almost every part of our body is controlled by it, there’s this hilarious solution came up to me on our world especially on our country’s problem that I think cunning effective.

You think by brain, aren’t you? Or there’s something else you use aside of brain? If there is, I’m not acknowledging you to read this but if you’re still interested, you may.

By the moment you read the name “Yuri”,

was there already something triggered in your mind? As it comes from me? Does it trembles you?

Do you know the famous computer game name, “Red Alert? Who’s Yuri there? What is the cunning weapon of the Yuri’s in Red Alert that is unique among other?

What if a Yuri will exist in our world or just in the Philippines? I think that maybe nice to get rid of protests, oppositions, anti and “contras”, at least were one with a single order, a really concrete interest!!

What do you think?

Feel me with this thought?

Isn’t it at least that you don’t know, not aware and your conscious is slumbering because it is theirs, I mean controlled?

What can you say about this?..


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