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How about insanity of Sanity?

Is there such a thing called as that?

Yes, it’s the kind of you, me, them and us.


Don’t you ever think that insane and sane are just the same?

Do you know what differentiate them not just from the letters that compose the words?

Maybe you thought of me now as one of those but haven’t you thought yourself as one of us you called, “insane”?

Uhmm, where should i begin from telling you this?

“Insanity lies in every sane and Sanity lies in every insane.”

Don’t you know that you’re insane because your insane of your sanity?
And are you aware that you’re sane because your sane of your insanity?

Don’t be confused my friend, take it as it is..


You can never got away with this!

Someone is insane enough to tell you that you’re sane. Can’t you accept that?


It is because you’re sane enough to hide you from being insane which is actually the real you!…

Sometimes being with all “sane” thinking individual prevents you from knowing that you’re all insane.

This world is a good example where you can witness insane inhabitants, a planet plague by worsening insanity disease.


If you thought that those primitive or previous Homo Sapiens are insane than you are now, that is your mistake!!…cause you’re just as insane as those primordial ones.

Want to know why?

Because those primitive ones don’t know that they’re insane same as you are now..

Anyway, you’re as how you find and see yourself…

You’re free my friend, unless you’re confining yourself and someone is suppressing your self freedom..


You’re free from considering yourself called as “sane” individual as the majorities accepted it as it was the norm.


Do you know why this world is a so called, “make-believe” one?as how you hear it from mouths, songs and poems? How those you see deceives you?making things unfair for you?


Didn’t you see it on what surrounds you before?


On the mainstream media?


Those ones behind, in front and on each side of you?
By means of seeing?tasting?feeling?We can’t deny it. It eludes us. yes, cause its what your system is. Just the same as the system your on now.

Have you ask why sometime it seem likes everybody is crazy?

To be continued..


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